Whether you’re venturing to Kenya for a business trip, on a gap year through the vast and diverse landscapes of South East Asia, or touring the breath-taking islands of the Caribbean, your health is of paramount importance.

As you dive further into the real country, your adventures may take you off the beaten track – and likely far from any kind of medical care that you might be used to at home. However, given this, it should not deter you from travelling and exploring this amazing world in all its glory. After all, travelling is about expanding your cultural horizons and immersing yourself in the unknown. Having the necessary know-how and having the required medical supplies handy can help you to avoid spoiling your trip and returning with a damaging illness. This may sound drastic, but there are lots of life-threatening diseases out there that you have to be in the know about.

While your nurse or Doctor may provide the required vaccinations and prescribe the medication you request, getting appointments is usually painstaking and inconvenient. The Edinburgh Travel Clinic can provide all the travel vaccinations and antimalarials you require, as well as the most up-to-date travel health advice.

What does our Travel Clinic in Edinburgh offer?

We go beyond simply offering vaccinations and medicines. Our patients will receive thorough consultations on reducing risks associated with aspects of daily life when abroad; such as food, water, insect-transmitted illnesses like malaria, and dengue fever. Depending on the area of the world you are travelling to and the different types of environment you may encounter, your trip will need to be tailored accordingly. It’s more of a holistic approach to Travel Care.

If you’re travelling to tropical zones, such as the jungle, knowing how to avoid parasites, prevent insect bites, and being well informed about food and water consumption can prevent serious illness. Our highly-trained and friendly staff offer a service that goes beyond travel vaccinations in Edinburgh.

Why are travel vaccines important?

As soon as you step off the boat and you’re outside of the UK, you may be exposed to new viruses and bacteria that your body has not encountered before and doesn’t have immunity against. This may lead to infection and disease and could ruin your trip, or potentially much worse.

Diseases such as Japanese EncephalitisYellow Fever , and Dengue Fever are diseases that are prevalent in certain areas of the world and can have serious consequences. If the carrier reaches the more dangerous stages of the diseases, it can become life-threatening. However, by receiving the right vaccinations before you travel, you will be protected against these diseases and will avoid any potential danger.

How long will I stay protected?

It depends on the vaccine. Some vaccines last for a couple of years and some last your entire life. This article from the Tropical Medical Bureau provides a guide with a full breakdown of vaccines you may need for your next trip abroad.

What is Malaria?

Malaria is a very serious and occasionally fatal disease transmitted primarily by mosquitos, which suck the blood from human beings. There are four kinds of malaria parasite that affect humans and their prevalence differs in different parts of our globe. Due to this fact, there is a broad range of antimalarial medications available. Here at Edinburgh Travel Clinic, we want to help you find the right medication for your trip.

Malaria is just one of the diseases that can be carried by mosquitoes, but there are others – so it’s important you learn more about the diseases and are up-to-date on methods for prevention.

The Team at Edinburgh Travel Clinic

The pharmacists at Edinburgh Travel Clinic are fully trained, and retrained every year, to administer travel vaccinations so that you can enjoy your journey safe in the knowledge you’re protected. As we mentioned earlier, we also provide free health advice on everything to do with your trip. We have a wealth of experience and that’s why we’re one of the most popular travel clinics, here in the city of Edinburgh.

Wishing you the best and safest travels.